viernes, 22 de junio de 2012

أغنية تركية أكثر من رائعة Turkish Music

Ours, a love story
A little like a black and white movie
Tears of hope and burning desire
Ours, a little like a flame

Ours is a love story
A little like a black and white movie
Like water with fire, and with thorns a rose
Ours, a little like a novel

These Roses are for you
This heart is for me
Don't get sad, don't cry
Always smile

Ours is a love story
A little like a black and white movie
Melancholy at the doors of autumn
A little like leaving the daylight

Our life was nice, wasn't it?
How nice it was
Neither you, nor I can find those days anymore
Sometimes I think that
There were some things wrong with me.
Both of us did not know the values of some things.

Remember the evenings
When we would light our candles
You would endure the smell
And it would smell you
Laughing at the things we weren't
And for no reason, start to cry

On nice days we would go for walks on the streets.
On snowy days we would have snow ball fights
You would read fortune with playing cards.
And when the cards didn't come as you would have liked it,
You would choose the cards again.

You would get so angry at my smoking
And you would mess with my drinking
Telling me a lot of how bad it is for my health
Once in a while, you would go on a diet
For every time the scale would read correctly,
It would read incorrectly
Meaning you could never agree with it.

Our neighbours had kids,
They would play with our daughter.
You all would go to the childrens garden,
I would stay at home and watch the games on tv.
Once in a while friends would come over,
We would have conversations.
Taking about this and that, you know.
I remember being at the military,
The stories about you going through labour would not end.
We would laugh, remembering the day we met.
You would ask me, What you we're wearing.
And everytime I would not remember,
But I remember now.
A red sweater, and a black skirt.
Black socks, red shoes.
And on one Thursday, at 2:04,
Both of us were not looking ahead, we bumped into eachother.
You said excuse me, and then I said.
I picked up your books that fell on the ground.
We came eye to eye, and started,
Like a movie, I mean.
I received your last letter yesterday,
Thank you.
I wrote to you, about how there was a flu epidemic.
Look, you're still caught with the flu.
Anyways, hope you feel better soon.
Here, the weather is cold, but I'm not sick or whatever.
With these glasses I have a headache.
Well life as it is, spins, and moves on.
I miss all of you.

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