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Rosario "Todo Cambia"

a veces los errores te cambian la vida , pero estos errores te ayudan a crecer y a ver el mundo como es .

Indian Love Song

The power of THOUGHT.Love begins with our thoughts. We become what we think about. Loving thoughts create loving experiences and loving relationships. Affirmations can change our beliefs and thoughts about others and ourselves. If we want to love someone, we need to consider his or her needs and desires. Thinking about your ideal partner will help you recognise her when you meet her.

The power of RESPECT.You cannot love anyone or anything unless you first respect them. The first person you need to respect is yourself. To begin to gain self-respect, ask yourself, What do I respect about myself? - To gain respect for others, even those you may dislike, ask yourself, What do I respect about them? -

The power of GIVING.If you want to receive love, all you have to do is give it! The more love you give, the more you will receive. To love is to give of yourself, freely and unconditionally. Practice random acts of kindness. Before committing to a relationship ask not what the other person will …

Beautiful Chinese Music【11】Traditional


Poema, Mujer del Desierto - ( Desert Woman )